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~ PLEASE NOTE ~ This made-to-order glass vessel will ship to you in 1-2 weeks.


(three Enamel White bits, Stopper with Enamel White coin-shaped haft)

Our Carafes are one part traditional, one part scientific, all handblown off the pipe (freehand, without a mold). We love filling these airy vessels with filtered water to keep at our bedside or on our desk. The hand naturally finds its place beneath the bits at the neck of the vessel. The blown Teardrop Stopper rests lightly inside the mouth, keeping all the dust and pollutants away from your preferred beverage.

12 1/2 inches tall (with Stopper in), 6 inches diameter

**please allow 1-2 weeks for 2020 delivery, with our gratitude for your patience. If you need your order in a jiffy, we understand and hope to accommodate. Please inquire:**

Handmade in the Pacific Northwest; each one-of-a-kind, hand-blown vessel is stamped and varies in form and color.

CARE: Our handmade Asp & Hand glass should be hand-washed with a mild detergent and dried with a soft cloth. Our glass is not suitable for boiling or hot contents. Please keep Asp & Hand glass out of the freezer and microwave.