Custom Work

We get many inquiries about custom glass production (private and commercial), and we are always happy to discuss these. For those who may not have experience in glass fabrication, we do like to mention a few things up front:

1) Cost: Glass is expensive! Especially when one is working on research and design for a new form, costs can add up quickly: we are keeping the material molten at constant 2000 degrees, and we are usually working in teams of at least three highly skilled glass artists. There are many variables that affect pricing, but a good general ballpark is $1000/day for custom work, which typically will require form tests and color tests as well as final production.  

2) Lead Time: It depends greatly on what you have in mind and how long it takes to finalize design plans, but please allow for at least 3 months lead time for anything custom.

3) Color: we will do our best to match glass colors to any samples, however it's important to note that unlike paint color, glass color cannot be easily mixed to dial in hue. There can even be noticeable variations between batches of the same color, so we do need some margin of error on color-matching. 

4) Repeated Forms: If you are interested in a bulk order of your own form, say for a drinking glass, it will probably be advisable to fabricate a mold to ensure proper repeatability. Molds typically begin at $400 and go up from there. If we make a mold for you, we are happy to keep it in our shop for future restocking at a significantly lower cost than the initial set-up. 

For all further discussion, please write to us with as much detail as possible:



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