DRIP VASE in Intergalactic


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DRIP VASE in Intergalactic

(Galactic Blue with 9 Metallic Blue & Gold dripping bits)

Our DRIP VASE is an easy size for your everyday arrangements but makes a beautiful statement at the same time. The large, gooey, drippy bits are reminiscent of both thorns on your flower stems and also drops of morning dew cascading off a petal. For us it is always important that a vessel for flora feels as though it is in organic dialogue with its contents.

7 5/8 " tall, 5 1/2" at mouth

HANDBLOWN *BY US* IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST! Each vessel is lovingly handmade, and accordingly may contain small variations or imperfections. (Please don't fret: we only send out charming, gorgeous glass!)

**please note: Vases are MADE TO ORDER. Please allow up to three weeks for delivery. If you need your vessel fast, please email Blair at snakehand@aspandhand.com**