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This is KIKI, name after my dearly departed and very LEGENDARY canine friend who died on 11-19-20.

KIKI is a completely hand-formed bottle, meaning we make her without using a mold. This means that every KIKI is 100% unique in form. Eli sculpts each bottle to have a beautiful wave pattern on her shoulders, evocative of the sea which we are trying very much to connect with at the moment.

KIKI is also 100% recycled glass, made from our own shop's glass scraps. This current batch of KIKI bottles is a haltingly gorgeous cobalt-to-steel blue. We designed KIKI after getting a little overwhelmed by all the "tech" water bottles out there. I do not personally identify completely with these bottles, though of course they are wonderful for sporting activities. KIKI is form slightly over function - the seal on the bottle is good to walk around or rock about town in car or on sidewalk, but probably not to toss in your backpack to go skiiing unless you are trying to make a crazy infusion-by-jostling-and-spilling experiment.

Future batches of KIKIs will be different colors. Stay tuned and collect them all.

Approximately 10” tall, 3” wide. She holds 18-20 oz.  

Handmade by us in the PNW and stamped with our maker's mark: Snakehand

  • "I love my new Kiki! This color blue is so striking and refreshing and I'm so glad I snagged one of these first edition beauts! I enjoy drinking from my Kiki as it brings me joy while working from home as I struggle to keep hydrated. I pair my Kiki with my orange Maxi Straw and have a grand old time while doing it :) "