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Our NECTAR VECTOR straw is tall at 10 1/2 inches, but the same slim diameter (10mm) as The Last Straw, making it extra easy to draw liquid into bod. It's the cigarette holder of straws, but KAWAII !!!!!

The NECTAR VECTOR comes in Pink, Lilac (shown in our WATER GLASS in Black Orchid), Smoke, Green, Black and White - each one decorated with a love-in daisy where the straw bends toward you.

This drinking straw pairs best with our WATER GLASS, or with your large to-go drinks.

Handmade in the Pacific Northwest; each one-of-a-kind, hand-blown vessel is stamped and varies in form and color.

CARE: Our reusable Asp & Hand straws are made of borosilicate (or 'Pyrex') glass, making them more durable than our 'soft glass' drinking vessels. Please still use commonsense care to avoid breakage. Asp & Hand reusable straws may be washed in the dishwasher and are safe for use in freezer and microwave.

**Shipping: Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery at this time (winter 2021). We are working hard to scale our inventory for quicker shipping times. Meanwhile, if you need glass in a hurry for gifting or other reasons, please email us at or Direct Message us on Instagram @aspandhand. We will do our very best to accommodate..