REMORA VASE in Tide Flat

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REMORA VASE in Tide Flat

This remarkable vessel was originally designed for the floral geniuses of Pretend Plants and Flowers. We named the REMORA VASE after sucker-fish of the same name who attach their bodies to larger sea creatures like manta rays and sharks. Always interested in the intersection of roughness and elegance, we set out to create a sculptural statement vase that retains an idiosyncratic, surreal character. Each fish-like addition to the sides of the bowl makes optical magic and assumes its own unique shape. The pointy ends of these bits recall thorns and leaves as well as emphasizing the upward growth of the overall form as well as any flora one displays within.

Approx. 15 inches tall and 15 inches wide, 10 lbs

Ready to ship.

Handmade in the Pacific Northwest; each one-of-a-kind, hand-blown vessel is stamped and varies in form and color.

CARE: Our handmade Asp & Hand glass should be hand-washed with a mild detergent and dried with a soft cloth. Our glass is not suitable for boiling or hot contents. Please keep Asp & Hand glass out of the freezer and microwave.

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