VERITAS GLASS in Crunchy Dino

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VERITAS GLASS in Crunchy Dino

(three orchid bits)

"IN DINO VERITAS" - Respect mother earth. This reptile-scaled, violet-eyed form is our signature drinking vessel.

Our small VERITAS glass fits so nicely in the hand - we love it for liquor, juice, shrubs, a little spritzer - you name it.

Given its already adorable nature, we couldn't resist creating a *CANDY BOX* option here - BUY A SET OF SIX and save 15%! We will mix together six candy-colored hues for you; they all look lovely in various mix-ups. If you have a particular color you must have, please tell us about it in the notes section at checkout or email us anytime and we will make it happen for you <3

3 1/4 inches tall

e.g. wine, tincture, juice

***please note: the bits rest nicely upon the edge of the hand // this glass is designed to be stackable 

**please allow 1-2 weeks for 2020 delivery, with our gratitude for your patience. If you need your order in a jiffy, we understand and hope to accommodate. Please inquire:**

Handmade in the Pacific Northwest; each one-of-a-kind, hand-blown vessel is stamped and varies in form and color.

CARE: Our handmade Asp & Hand glass should be hand-washed with a mild detergent and dried with a soft cloth. Our glass is not suitable for boiling or hot contents. Please keep Asp & Hand glass out of the freezer and microwave.



  • "This glass is the nicest looking, best feeling cup you can drink out of. I can&#039;t say enough good things about my asp &amp; hand glasses. You won&#039;t be able to use anything else. "

  • "I&#039;m drinking wine from this feeling fine, you should join me. Fantastic glass."

  • "I am ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with my new glasses. Each one is so unique and I&#039;m looking for reasons to buy more glasses even though I have no more room!! Keep up the good work :) "

  • "Spectacular craftsmanship!"